Build Better

Customer development tool
for building products people want

Validate your ideas, onboard your users like a superhuman, iterate with confidence, and find product market fit.

Your single source
of product truth

Managing product can be hard, messy, and complicated. That's why we made Build Better - a place where product people can get an accurate pulse of their product.


Filter users from surveys or tags to email them to setup user-interviews to validate your ideas.


Capture critical insights and feedback from your interviews making it instantly searchable and sharable so nothing gets lost or forgotten.


Create and send surveys to your users to understand and filter who needs what and why.


Get user interviews on your calendar automatically. Create workflows for scheduling interviews with new users and churned users. Learn why users leave and join so you can fix those leaky funnels.

Stop iterating in the dark

Collect and organize notes and feedback from your users. Instantly searchable and sharable with your team or publish it on a public roadmap so your users can follow along and help inform your product decisions.

Save time,
deliver delight.

Becoming an experience factory is hard. We’re often stuck in this feature factory mode, shipping what we think will be the highest valuable, without being able to validate we’ve really done anything.

With Build Better, you can have in-app surveys on any feature, or tie specific metrics to features releases, so once the feature ships you have proof it’s solving the problem.